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Pecan Pie Date Bars

Who said Pecan Pie is only for the Holidays? We think that Pecan Pie should be eaten every day, especially when there is no baking involved!

How To Make Date Paste and Use as a Natural Sweetener

What we love about Date Paste is that it is quick and simple to make. You only need two ingredients, and one of them is water! Today we are going to teach you how simple it is to create this delicious sugar substitute so that you can have it on hand at all times!

Peanut Butter Date Cookies

These Peanut Butter Dates Cookies are insanely easy to make, perfectly chewy and tender on the inside. Made with just 4 wholesome ingredients, this recipe is naturally gluten free, oil free and refined sugar free!

Healthy Snickers Bars

What if we told you that you could have the best of both worlds and don’t have to give up the foods you love in order to be healthy? With these amazing Date Snicker Bars, you can have your “cake” and eat it too!

The “Hot Date” Smoothie

With summer just around the corner, we are comin’ in hot with our favorite “Hot Date” smoothie!

Chocolate Date Bites

Kickstart your day with these delicious Chocolate Date Bites, and fuel up on energy that won’t lead to an afternoon sugar slump.

The Best Darn Charcuterie Board

We know that these sweet superfruits can sometimes be intimidating to find pairings for, especially when it comes to savory food. This is why we are going to break down the best foods to pair with Dates on a charcuterie board!

4 Ways to Stuff Dates

Organic medjool dates make the perfect snack due to the combination of fiber and natural sugars that keeps you full and gives you a boost of energy. Here are our top four favorite gluten-free, vegetarian combinations for stuffing medjool dates:

Medjool Date Thumbprint Cookies

Make your Valentines Day sweeter with these delicious Medjool Date Thumbprint Cookies. Today we’re sharing Munching W...

Smoky Medjool Date Barbecue Sauce

Today, we're sharing a delicious new recipe by our good friends, Ugly Vegan Kitchen. You guys are going to LOVE this...

Nomad's Ice Cream Sandwich

In honor of the Spice Queen’s birthday, we’re sharing Aarti Sequeira’ drool-worthy Nomad's Ice Cream Sandwich (Date-C...

Banana and Date Muffins

We love discovering new ways to enjoy dates! And man oh man did we stumble across a good one...Today we’re sharing a ...
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