Test Your Date Trivia!

Most of us are aware that dates are delicious fruits loaded with benefits, but did you know there’s more to these lit...

Exploring the Delicious World of Yellow Barhi Dates

When it comes to enjoying the succulent sweetness of dates, most of us are familiar with the classic Medjool varietie...

A Date Every Day

We love dates and we know we’re not the only ones!

10 Facts About Dates

Did you know that dates are more than just a sweet treat? 

Get To Know Rutab Dates

Say hello to the Rutab Medjool Date! 

National Medjool Date Day

Happy National Medjool Date Day! Chances are that when you think of dates, you think of Medjools, so what makes Medjool Dates so special? 

Mental Health Benefits of Dates

It’s World Mental Health Day, and we’re sharing just a few of the ways our Coachella’s Best Dates can contribute to a happier and healthier lifestyle on our blog!

Why You Should Buy Dates with Seeds

So, what exactly is a date seed? A date seed is a hard, oblong seed that can be found in the center of the dried frui...

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Earth Day is focused on raising awareness about the climate crisis and providing solutions through environmental protection.

National Farm Workers Day

Today is National Farm Workers Day! This holiday commemorates the millions of farm workers whose relentless hard work is responsible for feeding the nation.

Celebrate Ramadan with Coachella’s Best Organic Dates

It’s almost that time of year again, Ramadan is right around the corner! This is the perfect moment to learn all about this significant Islamic holiday and how dates play a big role during this time.

Can My Dog Eat Dates?

Here at Coachella’s Best Dates, we believe that organic and natural is better! So why not share your favorite human treat with your furry friends?
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