10 Facts About Dates

Did you know that dates are more than just a sweet treat? 

Hold onto your taste buds and prepare for a journey into the fascinating world of Medjool dates! These luscious fruits have a charm that goes beyond their irresistible sweetness. From their regal reputation to their delectable versatility, these little wonders are about to win your heart, one bite at a time. Here are 10 of our favorite facts about dates: 

  1. Dates Are Considered The Oldest Cultivated Fruit In The World: Dating back thousands of years, Medjool dates are one of the oldest-grown fruits known to humankind. Originating in the Middle East, they have been enjoyed for centuries and have even been called the "fruit of kings."
  2. Medjool Dates Are Known As The King Of Dates: Medjool dates are often hailed as the "king of dates." This title is well-deserved due to its large size and luxurious taste. They have a plump and soft texture, making them incredibly enjoyable to bite into and they are delicious!
  3. Date Palms Were A Symbol Of Victory In The Roman Empire: In the Roman Empire, date palms held symbolic significance. They were considered a representation of victory and were associated with triumph and conquest. The palm branches, including those of date palms, were often used to honor victorious generals and celebrated leaders.
  4. The Name “Dates” Is Derived From The Greek Word “Finger”: The name "Dates" derives from the Greek word "dáktulos," meaning "finger." It describes the elongated shape of dates, resembling human fingers. 
  5. Dates Must Be Harvested By Hand: Unlike many fruits that are machine-harvested, dates require meticulous hand-picking to ensure their integrity and prevent damage to the delicate fruit. Skilled workers climb date palm trees to carefully pluck each fruit.
  6. Dates Are Actually Fresh Fruit: Contrary To Popular Belief, Dates Are Not Dried Fruits. They are, in fact, fresh fruits with naturally high sugar content. While they do undergo a slight dehydration process to enhance their shelf life, dates retain much of their moisture and are bursting with natural sweetness.
  7. Medjool Dates Are A Great Alternative To Sweeteners: Dates offer a healthy alternative to refined sweeteners. Their natural sugar content provides a delightful sweetness while also delivering an array of essential nutrients, including fiber, potassium, and magnesium. This makes Medjool dates a popular choice for those seeking a more wholesome and nutrient-rich sweetener option.
  8. Coachella Valley Grows 95% Of Medjool Dates In The U.S.: In the United States, California, specifically Coachella Valley, stands as the primary cultivator of Medjool dates. Approximately 95% of the nation's Medjool dates are grown in the Golden State. The arid climate and fertile soil of California's desert regions provide an ideal environment for date palm cultivation.
  9. Date Palms Can Grow To 69-75 Feet Tall: They can reach impressive heights of 69-75 feet, creating a striking presence in the landscape. These resilient trees are well adapted to desert environments, with their long fronds 
  10. 1 Date Tree Can Produce A Lot Of Dates In One Harvest Season: A single date palm tree can produce an astonishing amount of fruit. During a harvest season, which typically lasts from autumn to winter, a tree can yield anywhere from 200 to 300 pounds of dates, equating to roughly 10,000 individual dates.
We could talk about dates for days…but you’ll have to order a box and experience them for yourself. Buy your Coachella’s Best Organic Dates today!
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