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Our Dates


We know there are a lot of other date companies out there. So, why should you choose us? What’s the difference between our dates and the others?

We'll tell ya'...


Each and every date is hand selected.

Our team of ranchers and palmeros practice the utmost care to plant, protect, and harvest our fruit in the optimal date growing environment. Each and every date is hand selected and evaluated based on moisture content and skin texture to ensure they meet our high standards.


Good for you & our planet.

We believe everything we do should be good for both you and the planet. We pride ourselves in using the most sustainable and ethical farming practices to organically grow our dates. Our flock of Dorper sheep, corralled by our 8 Great Pyrenees herding pups, roam freely around our farm eating any unwanted insects and fertilizing our soil. This allows our farm to be free of harmful fertilizers and pesticides, creating the healthiest and purest growing environment for our little superfruits.

Our Dates 

Proudly grown in the date mecca of the United States.

Coachella Valley is the best date-growing environment in the entire United States which is why nearly 95 percent of the nation's crop is grown here each year. Our hundred-acre organic farm is located in the heart of Coachella Valley where our pristine palms and fruit can flourish in the warm sunshine and dry desert climate.


Decades of date growin’ and lovin’.

We are one big date lovin’ family. We treat our farmers, staff and customers as an extension of our own. In everything we do, we go the extra mile because we only want the best for the people we love. We keep our ties with the Coachella Valley community strong by participating in local events, supporting our neighbor’s businesses, and giving back to organizations we believe in.


Tiny fruit. Enormous health benefits.

Our organic dates are jam-packed with vitamins and antioxidants that offer a powerhouse of health benefits, giving you the boost of energy you need to take on life. We call them "Nature’s Vitamins" because dates contain so many of the daily recommended nutrients that help you feel good and stay healthy.



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