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Did you know that fresh dates are lower in calories than dry dates? This is because fresh dates have a lower glycemic index score. As the moisture leaves fresh dates, the moisture content reduces with ripening and drying. This causes the natural sugars in fresh dates to concentrate, increasing the caloric count. 100 grams of dried dates contains about 280 calories, whereas 100 grams of fresh dates contains less than 145 calories. So, if you’re looking to lose weight, eat fresh dates and if you’re looking to gain weight, dried dates are a good choice to add to your diet without adding all the processed and refined sugars. However, dates fruit have high levels of fructose (the fruit sugar) which can be problematic with long-term use. Fresh dates contain about the same nutrients as dried dates, which is a lot, both macro and micronutrients! The macronutrient (nutrients your body needs in large doses like protein, fat, and carbs) levels are not the same for dried and fresh dates though. For example, the carbohydrate content is twice as high in dry dates as it is in fresh dates. Fresh dates are also high in vitamin c and are lower in fiber than dried dates.
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Fresh dates are a part of the stone fruit family, meaning they have a single seed surrounded by an external fleshy fruit, and there are many types of dried and fresh dates to choose from. The dates fruit grows in tight clusters on the date palm tree and the ripening process happens in 4 stages: unripe, crunchy, semi-dry or soft, and sun-dried. Fresh dates near the Coachella Valley in California have the perfect environment to grow and thrive and the passionate people at Del Rey Farms grow Coachella’s Best Dates. Farm fresh dates make for a super tasty and nutrient-dense snack! Fresh dates are lower in calories than dry dates, but both are an excellent source of fiber, antioxidants, and essential vitamins. Fresh dates have a caramelly sweet flavor that makes them a perfect ingredient to your favorite desserts and baked goods. You can turn fresh dates fruit into a paste to use as a traditional sugar substitute. Pitted dates are great to stuff with your favorite cheese, nuts, chocolate, or herbs! We also love adding them to our pre-work-out smoothies. Coachella’s Best Dates has so many great recipes for you and your family to try.

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Dates have the lowest moisture content of any fruit, ranging from 27% for fresh dates fruit to 16% for dry. This means they are naturally dehydrated and will have a longer shelf life than other fruits. As the dates fruit ripen, they morph in color, texture, and flavor while on the date palm tree. The fresh dates fruit turn from crunchy, light green, and slightly astringent to soft, chewy, and deliciously decadent.
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