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Exploring the Delicious World of Yellow Barhi Dates

When it comes to enjoying the succulent sweetness of dates, most of us are familiar with the classic Medjool varieties. But have you ever heard of Yellow Barhi Dates? These little golden gems are refreshing for the senses, offering a unique flavor profile and a host of health benefits that set them apart from their date counterparts. Join us as we dive into the world of Yellow Barhi Dates, exploring their key facts and discovering how they stand out from the crowd. 

Key Facts About Yellow Barhi Dates: 

  1. Golden Hue: The first thing that catches your eye is their stunning yellow color. Unlike the darker shades of other dates, the Yellow Barhi Dates shine like drops of sunlight, instantly capturing attention. 
  2. Texture Adventure: One of the most distinct features of Yellow Barhi Dates is their texture. Unlike the soft and chewy nature of Medjool dates, Yellow Barhi Dates offer a unique contrast with their semi-crunchy exterior and crisp, apple-like interior. 
  3. Early Harvest Delight: Yellow Barhi Dates are unique in that they are typically harvested while still in the “khalal” stage. This early harvest lends them their slightly crunchy texture and a flavor that’s a beautiful mix of sweet and tangy. 
  4. Complex Flavor Profile: Speaking of flavor, Yellow Barhi Dates are known for their distinct taste. Initially, you’ll experience a burst of sweetness followed by subtle hints of honey, caramel, and even a mild citrus tang. This complexity makes them a gourmet delicacy on their own or a perfect addition to various recipes. 

What Sets Yellow Barhi Dates Apart: 

  1. Harvest Time: As mentioned, Yellow Barhi Dates are harvested earlier than other date varieties. This exclusive timing gives them a distinctive texture and a lighter, fresher taste that’s not as intense as fully ripened dates. 
  2. Crisp Texture: The crunchiness of Yellow Barhi Dates set them apart from the typically soft and chewy dates we are accustomed to. This adds a playful element to their consumption and can be a delicious surprise for your taste buds. 
  3. Versatile Culinary Applications: While all dates are versatile, the texture and flavor of Yellow Barhi Dates lend themselves particularly well to both sweet and savory dishes. From snacking and baking to salads and marinades, these dates can truly shine in a variety of culinary creations. 
  4. Shorter Shelf Life: Due to their early harvest and specific texture, Yellow Barhi Dates have a shorter shelf life compared to fully ripe dates. This makes them a seasonal treat to look forward to and savor while they’re available. 
  5. Health Benefits: Yellow Barhi Dates have just as many health benefits as Brown Barhi Dates but with almost half of the calories due to the lower concentration of sugar that naturally occurs when the date ripens. Yellow Barhi Dates are a great source of antioxidants, potassium, iron, fiber, and B and C-vitamins.


After we harvest Yellow Barhi Dates, their incredibly fresh nature prevents them from being stored for extended periods. So, we promptly proceed to pack them for shipment. When kept at room temperature, these dates can be enjoyed for a mere 4-5 days due to their high freshness content. However, to extend their shelf life, placing them in a cool, dry environment such as a refrigerator or cold storage can prolong their viability for a few weeks. For the ultimate taste experience, it's recommended to consume Yellow Barhi Dates within 3-4 days from their harvest.

Here is our recommendation for storing your Yellow Barhi Dates:

Storage temperature: 36°F

Store shelf: Refrigerated / Cold storage facility.

Normal Refrigerated Shelf Life: 2 weeks

Do Not Freeze

Yellow Barhi Dates are a delicious departure from the norm, offering a unique texture, a nuanced flavor profile, and a whole new world of culinary possibilities. As you enjoy their golden sweetness, take a moment to appreciate the uniqueness they bring to the realm of dates. Whether you're a date enthusiast or a curious food explorer, these dates are an experience that's definitely worth savoring. They have an extremely short harvest season, available only in August to September, and are an all time favorite so they definitely don’t last long at Coachella’s Best. Make sure to order your Organic Yellow Barhi Dates today before it's too late! 

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