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Why Choose Yellow Barhi Dates? 💛✨

Have you wondered why our Yellow Barhi Dates fly off the shelves so quickly? Let’s talk about it.


What makes Yellow Barhi Dates special? 

  • Yellow Barhi Dates are seasonal. Unlike other dates, Yellow Barhi Dates are harvested in their Khalal stage, which gives them their mouth-watering flavor, and a bit of a crunch in their texture. Since we only harvest and ship them in August - September, once they’re gone… they’re GONE! 


Are they as nutritious as Brown Barhi & Medjool Dates? 

  •  Absolutely! Yellow Barhi Dates have the same amazing health benefits from their antioxidants, iron, fiber, and vitamins. 


Texture and Flavor: 

  • Since Yellow Barhi Dates are harvested early in the ripening process, they are not soft like Brown Barhi Dates, but have a crisp texture similar to apples. Their flavor is also lighter than most other dates with hints of honey and citrus. This makes them especially delicious in summer salads, and baked treats! 


Yellow Barhi Dates are a fan-favorite, and they do sell out FAST! Make sure you place your order of the best darn dates before you’re stuck with a year-long regret until they become available again next year.


Get your hands on the best darn dates you'll ever have before they're gone!💛

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