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Why You Should Buy Dates with Seeds

So, what exactly is a date seed?

A date seed is a hard, oblong seed that can be found in the center of the dried fruit. These seeds take up around 6 to 15 percent of the weight of a single date. People usually take the seed out before consuming; however, what if we told you that the seed is just as nutritious as the dried fruit.

Fascinating Health Benefits About Date Seed Powder.

Date seeds are jam-packed with antioxidants, fiber, carbohydrates, protein, fat, oleic acid, and polyphenols. Date seeds have been found to:

  • lower blood sugar levels
  • lower blood fat
  • weight loss
  • removing kidney stones
  • cleaning out your liver
  • reducing hair loss
  • relieving tooth pain
  • skin benefits
  • help heal wounds
  • boosts immunity

The easiest way to consume date seeds is to turn them into a powder as an additive to other drinks or food.

How to make date seed powder?

Powder can simply be made by crushing or grinding the seeds of this fruit. To do so, lay your date seeds out on an oven tray, let them cook, and once they have cooled you can easily pound them into powder. Most say that date seed powder tastes just like coffee!

Ways to use date seed powder.

Most people will brew this powder with some water, add a sweetener, and make it into a coffee-like drink. Next time you’re baking you can spread this powder on your breads or cakes. You can even throw it over a smoothie!

Here at Coachella’s Best, we can promise you that each and every date is hand selected and evaluated based on moisture content and skin texture to ensure they meet our high-quality standards.  We pride ourselves in using the most sustainable farming practices in order to be able to ensure all parts of our dates are good for you. This is your sign to order some Medjool dates, get creative, and enjoy the endless benefits this amazing fruit, and the seed, has to offer.



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