National Farm Workers Day

Today is National Farm Workers Day! This holiday commemorates the millions of farm workers whose relentless hard work is responsible for feeding the nation. Essential to our food system, and often invisible to the consumer, farmworkers touch the lives of the public each and every day. Without them, our country would not be able to grow and harvest produce at such a large scale. Today we celebrate the commitment and contributions of these essential workers, and draw attention to the work that still needs to be done to properly support farmers on a large scale. 

At Coachella's Best Organic Dates, we recognize the importance of our ranchers and palmeros. They practice the utmost care to plant, protect, and harvest our fruit in the optimal date growing environment. Each and every date is hand selected and evaluated based on moisture content and skin texture to ensure they meet our high standards and to provide our customers and community with the best darn organic dates that are locally grown here in Coachella Valley, CA. The work of producing our high quality organic California dates is no small feat, and would not be possible without our amazing, dedicated team.

The flowers from our date palms aren’t popular enough with birds and insects, so our team takes the time and care to hand-pollinate each and every one of our palms from late February to early March. Once the date palms begin to fruit, our team covers the fruits in mesh bags to protect them from any hungry animals and also help catch any ripe fruits that may fall throughout the season. 

When it’s finally time to harvest, our team heads up the trees in a lift to handpick the best ripe dates in a flat basket to be sorted to ensure only the highest quality dates reach our customers. The care taken through this process is not taken for granted, and so we say thank you to those who make us one of the best date farms in California. 

Celebrate this holiday by learning about the nation’s rich labor rights history, inform yourself on issues agricultural workers face in the nation still today, and support small growers that value the heart of their business- the farm workers.

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