Why Online Date-ing is Better

Here are a few of the many benefits of getting your fresh, sustainably farmed dates online.

Get the freshest dates delivered to your door.
Freshness matters a lot when it comes to delicious and nutritious organic dates. The dates that you get at the stores have gone through quite the journey to get there. Many times they were shipped from overseas which means they are already a few weeks old by the time they make it to the store. Then who knows how long they have been sitting on the shelf before they finally make it to your cart. We harvest all of our dates locally in the Coachella Valley, CA and ship them directly to your door so they are as fresh as possible.

Skip the lines and save time by not going to the store.
Nothing beats the convenience of ordering dates online. We give you plenty of options, too. You can order our wide variety of dates directly from our website, and they’re also available on Amazon so you can easily add them to your next Amazon order. The last thing that anyone wants to do is deal with the hassle of parking and crowds at the store. Ordering your dates online makes life so much easier.

Lower emissions to help the environment.
By making the choice to order your dates online, you’re having to start up your engine one less time! A single delivery truck or van can make multiple deliveries, reducing the need for several people to take their vehicles to the store. Small contributions all add up to make major improvements to the environment and this is a great way to do your part.

Save money when you buy directly from the source.
When you purchase your dates online from us, you’re getting your product directly from the supplier which means no extra processing fees. You also won’t be tempted by all the enticing displays at the store and leave with a bunch of items that you don’t really need. Everyone enjoys saving money and stocking up on organic dates online for all your snacking, baking, and cooking needs is a great way to do just that.

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