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Coachella Valley: The Date Capital of the United States

Why Coachella Valley is The Date Capital of the U.S.

You know why we’re called the Best Darn Dates, but do you know why we pride ourselves on our homegrown geographic roots? Coachella Valley is the date capital of the United States… and here’s why.

The History Behind Coachella’s Best
The date palm was brought to the States from the Middle East over a century ago, and quickly made itself at home in Coachella Valley. Today, the date farms in Coachella Valley grow more than 90% of the country’s date supply. While the plant was originally meant as an agricultural experiment, scientists found that the valley’s desert heat, dry terrain, and groundwater supply fostered the perfect environment for date palms to thrive in.

These Plants Need Their Space
Date palms require wide open spaces to flourish, so it is necessary to plant them in a location where there is plenty of room both vertically and horizontally. These trees can grow up to 120 feet tall and live just about the same amount of years! Due to their growth patterns and lifespan, the vast desert of Coachella Valley makes a great host to these big boys.

Turn Up The Heat
The desert also makes the perfect sauna for dates palms, who cannot pollinate in temperatures less than 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Talk about a hot date! The plant also needs a temperature above 20 degrees Farenheit to survive post-planting. The fruits themselves require a dry, hot climate to stay fresh, and rest easy under warm nights. 

True Romantics
Dates may get their name from their biological codependency; in order to grow the fruit you need both a male and female palm. But just because these plants need a mate doesn’t mean they’re thirsty! Date palms require little water and can survive relatively easily in case of a drought. Too much rainfall can cause the dates to mold or rot before they’re even fully blossomed. The plant does, however, need plenty of water and irrigation during the flowering and fruiting process. It’s best to plant the palms in a place with lots of sunlight and natural soil draining- just like Coachella Valley!

So you see, many factors play into the successful growth of a date farm, and Coachella Valley was a natural homemaker when the plant was brought here in 1907. For over 100 years, the desert has been producing healthy and delicious dates for the entire country to enjoy. That’s why we proudly call our company Coachella’s Best Organic Dates!

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