Date Yourself this New Year

New year, new you? 2022 is just around the corner, and this year it's time to focus on you! That’s right, this year we’re dating ourselves. One of the best things you can do for yourself, especially in such a trepidatious time, is focusing on your health. Healthy can mean many different things, so let’s break down some ways for you to improve your overall health next year. 

Mental Health

First, we’re going to start with one of the most important aspects of health, mental health. 

  • Practice Gratitude: Life moves pretty fast, and sometimes we get caught up in the negative and lose sight of all the good in our lives. When you feel overwhelmed take a few minutes to reflect on 3 positive things in your life. Is it a moment you had with a family member, a new accomplishment at work, or did you make a new friend? Focus on the good, because the negative won’t last forever.
  • Take Deep Breaths: The best way to calm yourself is to focus on deep breaths. Clear your head by repeating a mantra. You can think in as you inhale and out while you exhale.

Physical Health

This is what most think of when we talk about health, and good physical health can even contribute to your mental health. 

  • Stay Active: Getting outside for regular exercise has many benefits, including but not limited to combatting disease, boosting energy, and promoting better sleep. Make sure to balance cardio and weight training to maximize the benefits.
  • Eating Balanced Meals: Eating balanced meals can reduce the risk of disease, improve your immune system, and slow the effects of aging. Meals should include a quarter proteins, a quarter carbohydrates, and half vegetables. You should also limit artificial sugar and add fiber which you can do by using Coachella’s Best Organic Dates as a sugar substitute or eating them by themselves as a sweet treat! Dates make the perfect natural sweetener and a serving provides 964 mg of Potassium and 12 g of fiber which promotes digestive health and will give you the long lasting energy you need to check off all of your goals for the day.

Social Health

This is often overlooked but is pivotal to maintaining balance in your life. 

  • Prioritize Time with Friends/Family- Making sure you have time to spend with your loved ones ensure a healthy social life. 
  • Evaluate Your Relationships- Taking a step back to evaluate your relationships is a big part of maintaining social health. If your relationships stress you out or are not mutually beneficial it may be time to think about if they are worth continuing or what can be done to improve them. Remember, communication is key!

This new year is the year to prioritize YOU and date yourself. To stay up to date with our fresh Organic Dates grown in Coachella Valley, CA follow us on Instagram @coachellasbestdates.

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