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All About Halawi Dates

With over 25 different types of dates, most people don’t know the differences between them all. At Coachella’s Best Dates we have six different types of organic dates, including the Halawi Dates (also known as the “Sweet” Date in Arabic). Read on to find out what separates these delicious dates from the rest of our varieties.

These dates originated from the trees in the deserts and farms of Hella, Iraq. They are amber or honey-like in color and have a chewy caramelly texture. They are medium in size and semi-soft; they are also semi-dry. The Halawi dates have the buttery flavor of pecan pie without being overwhelming sweet, added artificial sugar, and the unnecessary calories.

Dates are known for being nutritious and great for your digestive health, but Halawi dates in particular are highly nutritious and a rich source of dietary fiber. They contain iron, potassium, B-vitamins, flavonoids, antioxidants, and amino acids. These ingredients can give you glowing skin, improve digestion, and provide so many of the daily recommended nutrients that help you feel good from the inside out! Dates are also a natural sugar substitute that can be used in desserts. 

While they are delicious on their own, Halawi dates are especially good when dipped in yogurt or even chopped up in a fruit salad to add extra texture. If you’re looking for more involved recipes, you can try looking into stuffed dates (cream cheese and pistachios inside dates are one of our favorite combos)! 

Due to the sweet taste of Halawi dates they pair well with salty foods like cheeses and meats which makes them the perfect addition to any charcuterie board! As you can with most dates, making Halawi date syrup is a healthy alternative to maple syrup. The flavor of these dates makes it so they can be used in many different ways to create enhanced food combinations. 

We hope you walk away with your mouth watering for Halawi dates, and if you feel like trying them, check them out on our website since they aren’t typically sold in stores. To stay up to date with our fresh Organic Dates grown in Coachella Valley, CA follow us on Instagram @coachellasbestdates.

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