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Different Types of Dates From Coachella’s Best

Here at Coachella’s Best Organic Dates, we are able to foster and grow an array of dates. While each tiny fruit is special, and each variety has its own profile of flavor, look, and purpose, they all have something in common: each date is hand-selected by our farmers and packed full of vitamins and health benefits. Learn all about the different types of organic dates we offer to find the perfect date for you!

The prized “jool” of the date community, Medjools are the most commonly identified and enjoyed date. They are what comes to mind when you picture a date, for their amber coloring and plump, oval shape. Medjools are commonly eaten fresh and have a sugary, caramel flavor. They are also the most popular dates to use in recipes! Medjools are loaded with fiber and contain a larger calcium level than their peers.

Halawi dates are comparable to the Medjool in flavor, fiber, and purpose, though their physical appearance is more similar to Deglet dates. They have a yellowish tone and a more slender shape compared to the Medjool. Similar to the Medjool, it has a soft-chewy texture and a sweet, caramel-candy taste that keeps you coming back for more!

Brown Barhi
Brown Barhi dates are famous for being the sweetest and creamiest (not to be confused with Yellow Barhi dates that have a much crisper taste and are only available in the fall)! Brown Barhi dates are small and round with thin crisp skin. Their flavor resembles that of butterscotch rather than caramel, making them the perfect substitute for sweeteners. Brown Barhi dates are also full of B vitamins, fiber, potassium, iron, flavonoids, and antioxidants.

Unlike its fruity friends, the Deglet has a much more refined sweetness to it. They are referred to as “The Mother of All Dates” because of how versatile they are. They have the same health benefits as the Medjool and Barhi dates, however, it is less like a soft candy and carries a bit of a firmer, crunchy texture. They are perfect to use as a sugar alternative in cooking and baking!

Similar to the Deglet, Zahidi dates are semi-dry dates. Zahidi dates are known for their nutty flavor and distinct oval shape. This golden fruit is often referred to as the “butter date” for its light color and taste and is great to use for cooking!

Honey dates get their name from their smooth, creamy texture. They range in color from light to dark brown and are much plumper than other varieties. Their texture makes them an excellent natural sweetener, much like real honey, and they can either have a rich or light flavor. 

No matter which date you’re craving, we’ve got you covered at Coachella’s Best Organic Dates! If you’re interested in trying a new date variety, check out our Mix & Match Date Bags which allows you to get two different types of dates in one order!

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