All About Yellow Barhi Dates

Have you ever eaten a yellow date before? While many people are used to Medjool Dates which are oval, wrinkly, and brown, similar to a prune, many people have yet to try a fresh plump, yellow date. Yellow Barhi Dates also known as Yellow Khalal Barhi Dates have a unique shape, flavor, and color compared to most dates that you have probably seen or eaten, but they are definitely worth a taste. We want to tell you all about Yellow Barhi Dates and why they are an amazing superfruit!

About Dates
Our Yellow Barhi Dates are grown under the Coachella Valley sun in California. The main difference between the Yellow Barhi Dates and the brown dates that most people are used to seeing and eating is the ripeness level of the date. There are four main stages of development for dates. During the Kimri stage, dates are green, hard, and inedible. During the Khalal stage, dates begin to ripen and turn a lighter color such as yellow, orange, or red. During the Rutab stage, dates are half-ripe and begin to turn brown and sweet! The final stage, the Tamar stage, is when most people are typically used to eating Medjool Dates. Many people believe that the Medjool Date in the Tamar stage is a dried fruit when, in fact, that is not true. As dates reach their final stage of ripeness they begin to lose their moisture content which is what gives them the wrinkly appearance and sweet taste!

Yellow Barhi Dates are Barhi Dates that are in the Khalal stage of ripeness. Barhi Dates are one of the few dates that can be eaten at the Khalal stage. At this stage, Yellow Khalal Barhi Dates are golden in color, and small and round, similar to the size of a kumquat.

When you bite into a Yellow Barhi Date, it has a crunchy, apple-like texture. They have a fresh, crisp flavor that has been compared to coconut, apples, and sugarcane. They are not as sweet as dates that are in the Tamar stage because they are not as ripe. 

Health Benefits
Yellow Barhi Dates have just as many health benefits as Brown Barhi Dates but with almost half of the calories due to the lower concentration of sugar that naturally occurs when the date ripens. Yellow Barhi Dates are an amazing source of antioxidants, potassium, iron, fiber, and B and C-vitamins. They are delicious when eaten on their own or can be used in a fruit salad to add a unique flavor. You can also add them alongside apples and raisins in a cobbler or crumble!

Because Yellow Barhi Dates are fresh dates and cannot be stored for a long time after we harvest them, we pack them for shipment right away. The shelf life for Yellow Barhi at room temperature is only 4-5 days. However, if they are kept in a cool, dry place like the refrigerator or cold storage, the shelf life can increase to a few weeks. Yellow Barhi Dates taste the best if eaten within 3-4 days of harvest. Yellow Barhi Dates are far more perishable than their fully ripe version Tamar and must be stored in the refrigerator to maintain its crunch and good taste. Here is our recommendation for storing your Yellow Barhi Dates:

  • Storage temperature: 1°C 
  • Store shelf: Refrigerated / Cold storage facility.
  • Normal Shelf life: 2 weeks

Yellow Barhi Dates are a real delicacy! They have an extremely short harvest season, available only in August and September, and are a fan favorite so they definitely don’t last long at Coachella’s Best. Make sure to order your Yellow Barhi Dates today before they are gone!

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