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All About Rutab Medjool Dates

Here at Coachella’s Best Organic Dates, we get a lot of questions about the difference between our Organic Medjool Dates and our Organic Rutab Medjool Dates. Both of these Dates are the delicious Organic Medjool Dates that you know and love but the Organic Rutab Medjool Date is picked at an earlier stage than the typical Medjool Date. Today we are going to go into detail about all of the specific differences and why you need to try our Organic Rutab Dates if you haven’t already!

What Are Rutab Medjool Dates?

Rutab Medjool Dates are Medjool Dates that haven’t reached their final stage of maturity yet. The typical Medjool Date that you are used to is at its final stage of ripeness, also known as Tamer. The Tamer stage occurs 25-27 weeks after the pollination date and, at this stage, the water in the Date begins to evaporate creating the dried, wrinkly appearance of the Medjool Date. Rutab Medjool Dates are the stage of maturity right before the Tamer stage, occurring 21-24 weeks after the pollination date. 

What Do Rutab Medjool Dates Look Like?

At the Rutab stage of maturity for Medjool Dates, the Dates are beginning to turn from yellow to brown, giving them a light golden brown color. They also have a higher moisture content than at the Tamer stage because the water hasn’t evaporated from them yet making them plumper and less wrinkly. The Rutab Medjool Date is larger and more circular than Medjool Dates which lose some of their size and shape due to the lower moisture content.

What Do Rutab Medjool Dates Taste Like?

Similar to our Organic Medjool Dates, our Organic Rutab Medjool Dates have a delicious caramel flavor. Some people have said that the Rutab Medjool Date also has a fudgy flavor to it along with the caramel notes! Due to the higher moisture content, the Rutab Medjool Date has a very soft and chewy texture. This makes these Dates perfect for smoothies because the soft texture allows for them to blend easier!

We hope you enjoyed learning all about Rutab Medjool Dates and what makes them so unique. These Dates are only available for a limited time and sell out fast so make sure to buy yours as quickly as possible!

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