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Health Benefits of Medjool Dates in CA


Health benefits of medjool dates

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It’s not hard to learn about the health benefits of Medjool dates. Just order some from Coachella’s Best, grown organically in sunny California. Use them in any recipe or eat them fresh as a tasty and healthy snack. We believe you will begin to see the health benefits of eating Medjool dates right away! Medjool dates are healthy because they are fresh fruit with natural sugars that have a low/medium score on the glycemic index. We like to call them natures vitamins, but you could also call them nature's candy! Medjool dates are a healthy snack for post-work-out rewards, giving you sustained energy that is low in fat.

Long known as “fruit of kings,” royalty used to eat Medjool dates, as they were thought to fend off fatigue! Also, if you're wondering why are Medjool dates healthy for you, it's because they are jam-packed with your daily dose of minerals, including potassium, copper, and magnesium. The health benefits of Medjool dates are truly amazing and Coachella’s Best Dates come with a gourmet taste and quality that can’t be denied. We pride ourselves on our sustainable practices and dedication to our Coachella Valley community.

We treat our farmers, staff, and customers as an extension of our own family and all that love goes straight into growing the best Medjool dates. Healthy people begin with healthy food and we can’t deny the health benefits of eating Medjool dates, especially fresh organic Medjool dates grown at Del Rey Farms in Coachella Valley California.

Are medjool dates healthy for you?

  • Low fat fresh medjool date fruit

  • Medjool dates health benefits

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Are Medjool dates healthy for you? Absolutely! The many health benefits of Medjool dates are getting this little superfruit recognized! Medjool dates have a chewy texture and caramel-like flavor but are crammed full of vitamins and minerals. Why are Medjool dates a healthy snack? One thing that makes Medjool dates a healthy snack is they’re loaded with a good amount of fiber. This helps slow the release of carbohydrates in the fruit, giving you sustained energy and your dose of daily nutrients.

At Coachella’s Best Dates, we believe that our ethical and sustainable farming practices produce the tastiest and healthiest fresh fruit in the Coachella Valley. We have a flock of Dorper sheep that roam our 100-acre California farm freely, aptly guarded by our 8 Great Pyrenees herding pups. The sheep help us get rid of unwanted insects and fertilize our soil. This way we grow the healthiest gourmet organic dates without the use of harmful fertilizers and pesticides, and we think that makes all the difference in the health benefits of Medjool dates from Coachella’s Best.

Fresh fruit medjool dates

The health benefits of Medjool dates make this fruit a great snack any time of day! Check out our Instagram @coachellasbestdates for fun and healthy date recipes that the whole family will enjoy. You can have peace of mind knowing your whole family is eating up all the health benefits of Medjool dates grown organically by Coachella’s Best!

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