Common Misconceptions About Dates

Our team at Coachella’s Best Organic Dates knows that this special fruit isn’t normally what comes to mind when most people are picking out their afternoon snack. There are so many misconceptions about Dates- from their origin, to their taste- and we want to clear them all up for you. Dates are our thing, and they should be yours too!

Hard To Come By
While Dates are native to the Middle East, a large supply of today’s Dates come from right here in Southern California! Coachella Valley is the hub for the country’s Date farms and locally grown means largely accessible! You can typically find Dates in your local grocery store or easily order them online. Pro tip: Dates taste the best in the fall and winter, because that’s when they’re in season!

Not Long-Lasting
Dates may have a wrinkled appearance, but these fruits don’t age too fast! When stored properly, Dates can last months and months. An easy way to tell if your dates are past their expiration date is by simply looking for mold or sniffing them out for a rotten smell. Dates are visibly aged, and it doesn’t happen quickly.

Terrible Taste
People often assume Dates will taste like a thicker raisin, or even have a bitter flavor but in fact, Dates are one of the sweetest fruits out there! Depending on the variety, Dates may have a caramel or butterscotch flavor, or can have a lighter, nutty taste. Dates also make an excellent substitute for processed sugars. 

Dried Up 
While Dates are thought of as a dried fruit, this isn’t the case! When Dates ripen, they become wrinkled and are picked and packed right away. There is not a chemical or physical process that these fruits go through to dry out. Dates are fresh which is why they are plump, chewy, and moist. If your Dates still have the pit, simply slice the fruit down it’s middle and pull out the seed. You can then eat your Date as is or stuff it with whatever you’d like for a fun snack! (See some of our best stuffed dates recipes here.

We know how Dates are perceived by those who have yet to give them a try, but the truth is, they’re packed with nutrients, full of health benefits, and bursting with flavor. If you haven’t had your first Date, what are you waiting for?!

Test the waters with our Medjool Mini Packs or dive right in with our Mix & Match Date Varieties! Order your very first package from Coachella’s Best today at!

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