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Coachella Valley California Dates

Best California Dates

California Dates from Coachella’s Best Dates at Del Rey Farms

Best California Dates

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Shop for the best California dates at Coachella’s Best Dates online retail store. We have a variety of certified organic dates to choose from. Coachella’s Best Dates fruit in California are the tastiest around and we would love for you to try some out yourself. Our fresh California dates are grown on a 40-acre farm in the heart of the Coachella Valley, an agricultural mecca! Nearly 95 percent of the nation’s crop is grown here each year!

The Coachella Valley is truly the best date-growing environment in the United States. California dates are different from dates grown in say Arizona because our climate is the perfect balance of wet and dry conditions with the right amount of California sunshine. California dates fruit is known for its sweet flavors and chewy soft textures. Buy all the fresh California dates your heart desires from Coachella’s Best Dates online shop. While you’re there, check out some of our recipes using the best California dates. Some of our favorites are fresh California dates stuffed with cream cheese and walnuts, bacon-wrapped gorgonzola stuffed California dates drizzled with honey, and California dates fruit salad!

Fresh California Dates

Dates fruit in California grown organically from Coachella’s Best

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Coachella’s Best Dates really do grow the best California dates. Our many happy customers buy dates fruit in California and all across the United States. Check out all the positive things people have to say about our fresh California dates on the review section of our website California dates make a great gift, and we have special gift boxes of fresh California dates for just that purpose!

We offer discounts on gourmet gift basket items for holidays, such as our fresh dates fruit snack packs or California dates gift boxes. We also love to carry around a snack pack of California dates fruit in our purses and backpacks for a healthy treat any time of day! California dates have many health benefits and the best California dates are grown by Coachella’s Best at Del Rey Farms in the Coachella Valley! You can also place your order for our fresh California dates by calling us at (442) 227-2888.

We love to make long-lasting relationships with our customers and value your business. When you buy California dates from Coachella’s Best, you are supporting a family of farmers and palmeros committed to growing the best California dates, while upholding strict ethical and organic farming practices. We believe in health and wellness for all and that mentality starts right away in our California dates fruit production process.

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