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The Animals of Coachella’s Best Organic Date Farm

At Coachella’s Best Organic Date Farm, all of our Dates are 100% organic and free of any harmful chemicals and pesticides. The way that we do this is by using mother nature’s original pesticide and fertilizer: animals! Our animals help to protect our Dates and keep them growing as healthy as they can be which is why we want to share a little more about all of them today!

Dorper Sheep
Dorper Sheep were originally bred in South Africa and are a mix between the Dorset Horn Sheep and the Blackhead Persian Sheep. This is actually how they got their unique name, “Dor”set and “Per”sian! Because they originated from South Africa they can tolerate very hot and dry areas which is the typical weather here in Coachella Valley. They have very thick skin that protects them from any dramatic climate changes either warm or cold!
Dorper Sheep
Unlike most sheep, Dorper Sheep have both wool and hair that sheds every year at the end of Spring. This makes them very low maintenance to care for. They spend their days here at the farm protecting Dates from insects, grazing on the grass, and fertilizing the soil! Having the sheep on the farm to eat the insects, allows us to keep our farm pesticide free.

Great Pyrenees Dogs
At our farm, we have 10 Great Pyrenees dogs that herd and protect our Dorper Sheep. These dogs actually view the Dorper Sheep as members of their own pack! Livestock has a natural instinct to fear dark-colored dogs because they closely resemble wolves. That is why the Great Pyrenees’ white coat is perfect for fitting in and being accepted by the flock. 
Great Pyrenees Dogs
These giant dogs are naturally nocturnal and were first used to protect livestock from bears and wolves. Now our Great Pyrenees keep our Dorper Sheep safe from the coyotes and other wild dogs that roam the Coachella Valley.

Pierre the Donkey
Did you know that donkeys can be used to protect livestock as well? Our Donkey Pierre has a home right next to our Dorper Sheep and watches over them the same way that a guard dog would. Donkeys are very social animals and when they are not around other donkeys or horses they will make the flock of sheep part of their own pack, guarding and protecting them from any coyotes or wild dogs.

We hope you enjoyed learning all about or furry friends at Coachella’s Best Organic Date Farm. Make sure to follow us on Instagram or Facebook @coachellasbestdates to get all the updates on the animals and the delicious Dates that they help to protect!

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